Star Trek: The TNG Moments That Will Break the Internet Today

Star Trek: The Next Generation First aired 35 years ago, watching geeky TV in a very different pop culture setting. Of course, back in 1987, we had all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy movies on the big screen. But on TV, it’s almost a desert, save for children’s cartoons.So if sci-fi is your jam, chances are you’ll like it TNG Every week, even in those tougher early seasons.but if TNG Now in 2022, in the age of Twitter and Tiktok? These are ten shocking moments from the iconic series that would break the internet if they aired today.


Tasha Yar Dies / “Evil Skin”, Season 1, Episode 23, 1988

The Death of Tasha Yar (Dennis Crosby) in Star Trek: TNG.

in the original Star Trek, as the title of the series’ opening credits means you won’t be hurt. Only the nameless “Red Shirts” were taken away by the aliens. So fans gasped when they killed Security Chief Tasha Yar (Dennis Crosby) with the alien’s sticky swipe in the episode “Skin of Evil.”

Most viewers who tuned into that episode had no idea that Crosby was leaving the show, let alone that her character Tashayal would die in this unlikely fashion. It goes to show that just being in the show’s main cast isn’t a safety net from potential harm. Space is dangerous for everyone, even the protagonists.

Whoopi Goldberg joins the cast/”The Kid,” Season 2, Episode 1, 1988

Whoopi Goldberg's first episode of Star Trek: TNG The Child.

In 1988, Whoopi Goldberg was a huge movie star.she made her debut in the award-winning film Purple, and starred in comedy hits Jumpin’ Jack Flash. The second season premiered, leaving many viewers stunned TNG And see Whoopi join the cast in a recurring capacity because enterpriseThe new alien bartender is named Guinan.

Goldberg was a huge Trekker and lobbied hard for Gene Roddenberry to have a role on the show. At first, he didn’t believe she was serious because she was already a big movie star. Why is she on the syndicated sci-fi show? She convinced him that Nichelle Nichols’ Lt. Uhura in the classic collection was part of the inspiration for her to start performing.Goldberg’s Supplement TNG The actress must have shocked many viewers at that stage of her career. If it happened today, people would go crazy and post “Wait, is this really Whoopi serving Wesley Crusher drinks?

Tasha Yar Returns / “Enterprise of Yesterday”, TNG Season 3, Episode 15, 1990

Tasha Yar and Data in TNG Yesterday's Enterprise.

Months after the show’s groundbreaking third season, TNG Another blockbuster episode was released with “Enterprise of Yesterday.”This alt-timeline story sees a universe that distorts the timeline abnormally, leading to a new reality, a Tasha Yar who never died and still is enterprise safety officer. The change in the timeline, which occurred during the preview moments of the episode, undoubtedly left audiences confused and shocked.This episode also finally let the audience know the history of the previous issue enterprise Between Kirk and Picard’s time, there will be many fans screaming online today.

Spock’s Father Appears / “Sarek” TNG Season 3, Episode 23, 1990

The Sarek of Vulcan beam leaves the Enterprise.

In addition to a cameo from DeForest Kelley in the pilot episode, TNG Any characters from the original series are avoided. For the past three seasons, TNG Followed this rule until this episode, when a certain Vulcan was seen on the bridge. No, not Spock. (that’s later).shock first Terms of Service connect TNG From Spock’s father Sarek, played again by Mark Lenard.Saw the 200-year-old Vulcan ambassador in the first two installments trek Movie.Today, after so much waiting, we decided to first TNG A connection to a classic show would add fuel to the social media fire.

“I am Locutus of Borg” / “Best of Both Worlds”, TNG Season 3, Episode 26, 1990

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Many people think that this moment is TNG finally broke through Terms of Service’ shadow. It’s hard to argue against that. In “Best of Both Worlds,” the deadly cybernetic collective Borg, introduced a year ago, kidnaps Captain Picard and assimilates him into their hive minds. Through mind control, he became the Borg’s Loctus. One of his goals was to assimilate the entire Federation.

This is the end of the suspense of the first season finale Star Trek History, when the current Captain William Lake (Jonathan Frakes) said “Mr. Wolfe…fire!” on the Borg ship, leaving us hanging for months, trek Fans are crazy. Will Lake really kill his beloved commander?If it aired today, the internet response would match it game of Thrones‘Red Wedding. It was a big deal at the time.

Wolf Kills Duras / “Reunion”, TNG 1990 Season 4, Episode 7

The Death of Klingon Duras in TNG Season 4.

For three seasons, Lieutenant Wolf (Michael Dorn) Enterprises Resident Klingon warrior, always on the verge of unleashing all his ferocity on the enemy and ending them forever. But he always abides by the code of conduct as a Starfleet officer. That said, it wasn’t until Season 4’s “Reunion” that the Son of Morg broke all the rules, killing his opponent Duras in a ritual battle.

Note that Duras stripped Wolf of his family honor last season and murdered Wolf’s lover K’Ehleyr in cold blood in this episode. Usually, our main characters come back from the brink of actually killing the enemy, but not this time. Fortunately, all Wolfe received was a reprimand for his record. (Basically, Jean-Luc just gave him a slap in the face). Even he knew Duras was coming, but it was a shocking moment in this usually squeaky clean world. TNG.

Tasha is back again! had better not? /”Redemption” TNG 1991 Season 26 Season 4

Dennis Crosby as Sela

Even though she’s only a regular for one season TNG, Dennis Crosby seems to keep showing up at the show’s most noteworthy moments. Not bad if you can get it. After the groundbreaking third season finale, the fourth season finale had to do something equally jaw-dropping. So in the final moments of “Redemption,” Denise Crosby leaps out of the shadows in Romulan Throne.

“Tashayal is alive again?? And Romulan? say what? That was the frenetic response at the time, sure to make social media popular today. Next season’s premiere shows Crosby playing Sera, not Tasha. She’s an alternate timeline in Yesterday’s Business Tasha’s daughter and the Romulans (don’t ask). But that suspense from season 4 has everyone talking. We can imagine all the posts marked as “spoilers” today.

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Appearance / “Unity, Platinum. I” TNG Season 5, Episode 7, 1991

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in TNG's Unity.

when TNG Was announced, most fans didn’t think it was “legitimate” Star Trek Because there is no original team to participate.It took some hardcore fans many seasons to accept TNG real trek. Despite the high ratings, the show ended up being a key darling.

But into the fifth season, TNG Final recognition came when Leonard Nimoy appeared as Mr. Spock in a special two-part episode of events called “Unification.” This look was well known even in pre-Internet media. But to see Spock and Picard interact with Spock and Data, fans waited years to see it.Today’s internet will explode like Kirk enterprise exist Star Trek III.

“There. Yes. Four. Lights!” / “Chain of Command, Pt II,” TNG Season 6, Episode 11, 1993

Patrick Stewart has four lamp memes.

“There are four lights!” Even if you’re not one TNG Fans, you’ve probably seen a meme of a disheveled Patrick Stewart with these words written on it. Well, those words come from an unusually heavy and serious two-episode episode of “Chain of Command” in season six. This episode sees Picard captured by the ruthless Cardassian commander (David Warner). He tortured the captain physically and psychologically, nearly crushing him.

It’s Sir Patrick’s tour and one of the best he’s done for the show.It is very rare to see such a harrowing display of cruelty, not only because natural gas, But TV was average at the time. If it airs today, fans online will be shocked and demand Emmys for both Warners and Stewart.

Finale / “All Good Things” TNG Season 7, Episode 26, 1994

Data, Crusher and Picard from TNG's All Good Things.

Series endings always get a lot of attention because we want them to be the last articles in the series. These days, every time a show ends, it all boils down to “does it stick to the landing”. Excellent, TNG’s The final episode, “All Good Things,” is definitely a touchdown, and writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga make an episode that pays homage to the show’s beginnings (hey, Dennis Crosby again !), its present, and its future.

The time travel story of “All Good Things” gives us a glimpse into the lives of all our beloved characters 25 years later.Everyone was talking about it at the time, and it’s still something everyone will be tweeting about TNG 2022 instead of 1994.It’s funny that 25 years have passed in real life and we’ll see all of this soon TNG The crew reached the third season Star Trek: Picard. We bet the internet will destroy ten suppressed Latin gold bars when we see them together again.

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