Sununu: AG, Biden ‘idiot’ didn’t anticipate Trump’s search response

Gov. Chris Sununu says the search for former President Donald Trump’s Florida home is political if not anticipated by President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland Yes, that’s one of several topics his section discusses, and they’re “idiots.”

FBI agents searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion on Aug. 8 as part of an investigation into classified documents that may be stored there. Agents took 11 sets of documents, some marked “sensitive information” and top secret.

“When you’re going into the former presidential palace, obviously Biden and Garland obviously have no strategy, not expecting to say ‘We’re going to do something unprecedented, so we better have an unprecedented disclosure plan,'” Sununu said Sunday’s program. “That’s where they totally screwed up, and that’s where they lost the trust of the American people because it just seemed to be political.”

Delays in explaining the search have further fueled conspiracy theories that have divided Trump.

“If they didn’t expect this reaction from the American people, they’re idiots. They’re absolute idiots. You can’t walk into an ex-president’s home, raid his home like that, and say, ‘We’ll get back to you later, ‘” Sununu said.

Sununu says Maggie Hassan will lose in November

Sununu was also asked about the organizational reset announced by the CDC following criticism of its COVID-19 response.

“Do we really need a taxpayer-funded outside review to determine that the CDC is all over the place? For the past two years, they’ve said one set does the other, and they’ve told us one set to do the other. They’ve been backtracking. …I think the only good takeaway here is that they’re acknowledging that and they’re really realizing that we’re out of this pandemic and we’re moving forward.”

The governor said there could be a COVID-19 surge in the future, but local governments have ways to deal with it.

Sununu believes Sen. Maggie Hassan will be defeated in November, but says the key is to run for the best Republican candidate.

Republican front-runner Don Bolduc, who Sununu has denounced as a “conspiracy theory extremist,” won’t support him during an appearance at WGIR on Friday, according to an NH Journal report of the interview.

“Whether you’re running for the planning committee, the governor, the U.S. Senate or the president, you have to have good candidates, quality candidates at the end of the day,” Sununu said. “Winning the primary is nothing. If you You can’t govern without winning in November.”

The governor played down his own possible presidential aspirations and said his first focus was the midterm elections in November.

“If you don’t get this deal done in 2022, because the Republicans ’24 in this country won’t matter,” Sununu said.

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