Website named most beautiful back road in Illinois

This is something my late father-in-law, Marty, knew very well. According to my wife and her brother, their father knew every worthwhile road across the state. He knew them all well, for it was his lifelong habit to avoid paying tolls by any necessary legal means. Driving 67 miles to avoid a 15-cent toll? certainly! … Read more

Does Sophia Carson have a tattoo? ‘Purple Heart’ actress reveals how she prepared for the role of Casey

Sophia Carson is undoubtedly one of the brightest minds in the industry right now, and has proven her worth as an actress through extensive work, where she began her career at Disney as a guest star on the “Austin & Allies” series. After earning accolades for her role in “Austin & Allies,” she landed a … Read more

New York Yankees have odd ties to Hudson Valley, Scott Baio

There’s a “new boy” in the Yankees “community” that fans hope will be “in charge” of the Bronx Bombers “day and night” soon. On Tuesday, just minutes before the trade deadline, the New York Yankees made a shocking trade. The Yankees acquired outfielder Harrison Budd and a player named later or cash consideration from the … Read more