Tamela Mann on Star Awards, her new album deluxe, and featuring purple

Building a successful faith career in the largely secular entertainment industry is no small feat. However, with her conviction and integrity, Gospel Music Stellar® winner Tamela Mann has managed to tear down Hollywood’s seemingly solid stone walls.

In Joshua’s story, he led the Israelites to defeat the unconquerable city of Jericho so that they could enter the Promised Land ordained by God. The nation of Israel had to follow strict instructions, including six rounds of the city. On the seventh day, the army and priests of Israel destroyed the settlement with their trumpets of praise and the power of their voices. Likewise, Mann’s artistry mirrors this biblical story, as she also uses the tools of worship and her anointed voice to inspire her listeners to overcome opposition in their lives. She set a new record for the most No. 1 singles by any artist on the Billboard Gospel Play chart.

An actress and gospel singer, Mann decided to release her deluxe edition [year] album victorConsidered Mann’s best work yet, the album maintains the original’s themes of resilience, strength, purpose and the beauty of faith, while offering additional tracks and intimate live renditions of popular songs victor. Conquerors: Deluxe Edition is available on all major streaming platforms.

“In the original, I loved working in the studio. But for me, it was about the actual live performance, there were some people in the room, and we glorified and praised God, and it just took me to a whole new place,” Mann reflected on our Zoom call. “I always see it as [if] This may be the last time I’m overcoming what I’m dealing with when I say overcomer, [like] Obstacles in my life, not for me, but for helping others. “

For this album, she went back to the studio to recreate the song’s live and musical collaborations, which were new to her.

“But from a different place this time, because I’ve been standing alone. It’s such a joy to be able to do this with someone else,” she says ecstatically, revealing that she’s never sung with another person before, kind of Nervous but excited.

When asked why it was challenging for her to sing with another person, she replied candidly: “It was challenging for me because of who it was; that was And GOAT, the legendary Yolanda Adams. I’ve been on stage with her, but in the background, but not side by side like this, so it’s a different experience.”

The first song on the deluxe edition was her duet with Adams, encouraged by gospel singer and producer Kirk Franklin.

“Kirk was like, ‘I want you to do this song together,’ and he put it together really well,” she recalls, adding that Franklin arranged the song so that the two singers’ voices work together in harmony .

“At first I thought, ‘Man, this song is so esoteric,’ but it’s an inspirational song [that] Talking about a lot of what’s going on in our world right now, the injustice that’s happening to our people, and then we’re looking for our government to help us out of Covid and this sweltering heat. We cry out to people, but our cry should be to the superhero himself, who is Jesus,” she affirmed.

She went on to explain that her faith in God will bless the new album and encourage others to finish the work they’ve already started. “A lot of things we started and we didn’t finish and I was like, God, help me change different areas to make me better, don’t procrastinate and finish what I’ve started,” she pleaded.

Not only is it difficult to complete our tasks on an inverted schedule, but in the face of official recession, unemployment, unemployment, rising inflation, rising gasoline prices, another variant of Covid, monkeypox, Russia and Ukraine wars, and countless natural disasters.

Mann understands, but she admits people are going to have “tough times.”

“The Bible tells us that the godly will suffer persecution and will have days, but that’s when we rely on him. When we’re weak, that’s when we’re strong, because we rely on his strength, not ours Strength, that’s where faith and hope come from because they work together. But there will always be a brighter day and a cooler day and things will get better,” she assured and implored people to pay attention to them The blessings they have now as they go through the struggle.

She continued: “A lot of times the Lord lets things happen to us to see if we’ll believe him. But he first wants to see if we’ll believe and if we’re going to believe that he can, and he will. So this is My encouragement, this is where I stand. This is my way of life; my hope is in him as much as the blood of Jesus and his righteousness. I stand on his promise and he says he will never He won’t abandon me without me, and that’s how I hope to encourage others.”

Mann said the songs in the recording showed her submission to God’s will, and her goal was to get people in touch with him. One of the tracks, called Finished, made her cry, but not sad, she shared, “Let me get started, and I can be an encouragement to show people that we can finish.”

The 56-year-old’s commitment to honoring God in every way has certainly helped her get a Starlight nomination. She will take home awards such as Best Artist, Best Female Artist, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Albertina Walker Female Artist of the Year and Music Video.

The billboard rounds up the list of winners; the ceremony was recorded Saturday, July 16 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

She won Contemporary Female Artist of the Year, the Albertina Walker Female Artist of the Year, and her son directed help me The video also won an award. Mann said being recognized by her peers means a lot to her.

“For my son, winning was like the ultimate climax of a mother because he said after we sang, ‘Mom, I have an idea. I know our hope is in Jesus and we can Go to church with our pastor. [But] Mom, we have to show people that it’s okay to see a therapist and that’s not a problem. I want people to get that message through this video,” recalls Mann agreeing with the idea and his visual direction. The two looked for a location and decided to shoot in an old church that was slated to be demolished. The “Take Me to King” singer relishes , even if the church will be destroyed, it will remain in the video forever, conveying hope. Once, there was a stigma about mental health and seeing a therapist in the black community; however, over the past few years, attitudes towards mental health awareness are changing Changes. Mann said she was nervous when their name was called the category, but appreciates the opportunity to share information and help others.

Mann’s ability to touch audiences’ lives hasn’t gone unnoticed by talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.She asked her for a role in an upcoming musical adaptation Purple.

“She did call me, but Tyler Perry called me first and said, ‘Oprah was out there fighting for you in this movie,'” she said with a laugh. “These people don’t know who Tamela Mann is; she thinks they should know who you are.”

To convince producers and directors that she could be on the film, she sent clips of her performance, called director Ambassador Blitz, and asked her to join.

“When I went to shoot, she hadn’t left her home since 2020. She said, ‘I’m coming to see you filming this part; that’s how I trust you. You know, that hit the belt, ‘ She said it motivated her to memorize her lines and practice her dance.

“I’m ready when I come back. I remember my dance moves; you’ll be surprised everyone because I’m dancing and I’m singing,” she said with a laugh. “Maybe some of you have seen me dance the sacred dance, but it takes some work, but I’m happy to do it, and I’m excited to be a part of it; it’s going to be beautiful.” The film is slated for 2023 Released in December.

In addition to a thriving management career, Mann also co-owns a Tillymann Entertainment production company with husband David Mann, focusing on TV and film development, touring and music. The couple also launched their YouTube channel, MannTV, with a new show called Mama’s Mann’s Kitchen.

She also ventured into creating a new line of shapewear for the plus-size and athleisure line because “I wanted something that was made with quality fabrics. I’m concerned with quality, so sometimes it costs more because I want to Make it durable,” she said, describing the line. “It’s for your everyday women’s errands and workouts. I’ve even made some clothes for some women who don’t wear pants. If they really want to work out in a skirt, they can still do it, but still in athleisure clothing , a little stretch.” Tamela Mann shapewear can be found on her website under the Tamela Mann collection.

“I always wear women’s clothes [say] What shapewear are you wearing.I created this in comfort, but it can hold you, but [it doesn’t] Makes you uncomfortable,” she explained.

Her shapewear collection is available in sizes from large to 3X, while athleisure is available in sizes 12 to 32.

“I’m pushing it as good as this song because we have to look good and we’re going to get over this with this weight. I’m not going to be tied down by this for the rest of my life. I have to get [myself together]’ she said with a happy smile.

Check out the Starlight Awards presented by Jekalyn Carr and Kierra Sheard on Sunday, August 7th at 8pm at BET, BET Her and BET International. The program will be co-hosted in the US from August 13th to September 11th; check local listings.


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