The 10 best movie performances of all time, according to Reddit

While the concept of a “good show” is almost entirely subjective, there are several criteria that most fans can agree on. Whether it’s the feel of the performance to the audience, the fit of the actor with the character, or even the memory of the character, all these factors contribute to what is called a good performance.

Over the years, fans on Reddit have been very interested in sharing their personal lists of the best performances of all time, and several actors are mentioned frequently. While the competition is endless, there are many reasons why these performances are considered the best.

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Denzel Washington on a training day (2001)

There’s a reason Denzel Washington considers being one of the greatest actors of the day, and training day A perfect display of all his talents in action. It’s a perfect example of how Denzel can bring any character to life in a unique way, even if the story itself may be simple or predictable.

Reddit user thereelestnerd11 believes that Washington’s performance is as “above” as the greats. It’s some of his most subtle and convincing work to date, turning his character Alonzo Harris into one of the most complex protagonists of all time.

In the Mood for Love (2000) Tony Leung

The Eternal Love Story presented by Wong Kar Wai Golden years are some of the director’s most powerful and influential works to date, but it’s Tony Leung, a man who is tormented by his own complex emotions and the injustices of the world around him.

Reddit user stormy8888 thought “Tony Leung [in] Golden yearsDeserving praise and recognition. It is Liang’s work and the film’s elegant script that make Golden years One of the most epic love stories in movies.

Whipping JK Simmons (2014)

While it’s only a supporting role, most viewers would agree that JK Simmons as Terrence Fletcher is undoubtedly one of the film’s strongest aspects – and that’s true considering how well-crafted and visually stunning it is praise whipping Really are.

Reddit user halomtm claimed that Simmons’ performance in the film “blows me out” as he effortlessly portrays one of the most hateful villains in film history. But despite his overwhelming flaws, the level of nuance and detail he brings to the character is also surprisingly understandable.

Genetic Toni Collette (2018)

There are many who believe that Tony Collette’s absence from the 2019 Oscars was one of the biggest snubs the Oscars have ever seen, which shows how much most fans loved the show. Not only was it an incredible sadness and mourning, but in the final scene, she was physically transformed into a terrifying creature.

Reddit user thegiediprime thought Colette “shocked me.”She is one of the main reasons genetic As relentlessly frightening as it is, her vulnerable performance allows viewers to instantly connect with her character and share her emotions.

Gregory Pike To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

to kill a robin is one of the most famous films and novels of all time, but Gregory Peck’s work in film adaptations is often overlooked when discussing some of the medium’s greatest performances. He brings Atticus Finch to life in a way no other actor can, with effortless charisma and emotional transparency.

Reddit user foley471 believes that despite the question being “so subjective,” Peck received the greatest vote of all time. Finch is an incredibly complex character, but he does it with unwavering confidence and really makes the character his own.

Forest Whitaker, the last king of Scotland (2006)

Forest Whitaker might not be one of the first names that comes to mind, but he’s in last king of scotland Proving that he really deserves his place among the greats. He delivers an admirably powerful performance by playing the real-life dictator Idi Amin to an astounding level of detail.

Redditor areumofgangnam praised Whitaker’s performance as one of the most moving and convincing they’ve ever seen: “The look in his eyes can make your heart beat with anxiety and fear…I doubt even Idi Amin himself do better.”

James Stewart’s Life is Beautiful (1946)

For many fans around the world, life is wonderful One of the best and most unique Christmas movies ever made. It also happens to be one of the most moving and moving films, and its lasting impact is largely due to James Stewart’s career-best lead performance.

Reddit user p245r5 praised Stewart’s strong acting choices for turning an otherwise simple protagonist into something more compelling: “A little actor would play George Bailey as a saint…what we get is one of the most complex roles ever performance.”

Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice (1982)

There are plenty of Meryl Streep characters that could reasonably be cited as her best, but it seems Sophie’s choice Most Reddit users thought it was her best performance to date. It was one of the first roles that made her a Hollywood superstar, and it remains one of the most exciting and moving performances of all time.

Sophie’s choice It’s a devastating drama and its emotional impact owes a lot to Streep, who combined the film with such a raw humanity that it’s impossible not to relate to her character . Redditor situation_odd thinks the character, like many of her others, is truly “amazing”.

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008)

dark Knight It became almost synonymous with Ledger playing the Joker, even though the actor only got 33 minutes of screen time. He stole every scene he appeared in, turning the Joker into one of the best movie villains of all time with his sheer chaos.

Reddit user ericbkillmonger described Ledger’s behavior as “abnormal.” Although initially hesitant to cast Ledger (a role that was nothing like anything the actor had ever attempted before), he completely dominated the film, which is what it is today known as Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan) masterpiece one of the main reasons.

Al Pacino in The Godfather (1972)

Playing a character as complex and troublesome as Michael Corleone is never easy, but Al Pacino does a great job in Francis Ford Coppola’s entire film, somehow making him look effortlessly. godfather Trilogy. His performance is nuanced in all the right ways, and despite its many flaws, still makes Corleone compelling.

Reddit user redulster believes that “Pacino as Michael Corleone” is one of the best casting choices ever made – so much so that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else playing the role right now. It’s because of his acting that Michael is such an interesting character, and thus, what makes the trilogy so successful.

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