The 10 Greatest Heroes in Cinematic History by the American Film Institute

A movie can only be as good as its protagonist.Although movies such as clown With antiheroes and villains as protagonists, people still love a good hero.

favorite movie Batman and Spider-Man: Impossible Home suggests there’s still plenty of room for more traditional heroes in the movie. With so many great movies, the Motion Picture Association of America released a list in 2003 honoring the classic heroes of the first 100 years of cinema.

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10 TE Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

While often seen as a great British film, this 60-year-old film Lawrence of Arabia It was co-produced with an American producer. Set in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, the story follows Lieutenant Lawrence during World War I, his involvement in the Arab National Council, and his emotional struggles during this time.

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the titular protagonist Lawrence of Arabia Fight a good fight and make risky moves to help others. He helped the people of the Arab National Council fight the Ottoman regime, helping to end the Ottoman Empire in the process. Lawrence helped a group of oppressed people take over the dictatorship and free himself from it.

9 George Bailey – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

life is wonderful is a classic holiday movie in which George Bailey is a cornered man with an angel who shows him how wonderful his life is and how miserable people can be without him. Knowing that life was not perfect, he returned to his family and awaited his arrival.

Bailey is a relevant character. He makes perfect use of Jimmy Stewart’s common man character, as audiences follow him, caring about his journey and roots, allowing him to see the beauty in life. Like all good protagonists, he even helps his peers, in this case, gain their wings. The ending with everyone involved in helping him pay back the money he was accused of stealing proved what a fine man he was.

8 Alan Ripley – Alien (1979)

Ripley was a game-changer, one of the first female protagonists in a sci-fi movie, and one of the smartest protagonists of all time. In the first movie, her wit helps her defeat a terrifying alien who kills the crew of her ship.This wisdom will continue in her other alien Adventures in the sequel.

A strong woman desperate to survive, Ripley was and is a compelling hero. Most action movies of the time would not feature female protagonists in this kind of scene, but Ripley changed that, becoming the only survivor and playing a murderous alien in the process.Her success contributed to Sigourney Weaver’s long film career and multiple sequels alien Franchise.

7 Rocky Balboa – Rocky (1976)

the ultimate loser, Rocky Showed a lot of grit against the world heavyweight champion. Throughout the film, Balboa trains like there is no tomorrow when he falls in love with his best friend’s sister Adrian. In the end, he did not win the championship, but went all out to swing in the company of his new girlfriend.

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Balboa was so likable that it spawned a franchise where Rocky won the title, defended it in multiple movies, and then became a mentor to his former rival’s son creed. He always knew he was underdog and trained as hard as he could to get his chance against the champions. A fighter who fought to the end, Loki showed viewers how far a person with a hostile heart could go.

6 Clarice Starling – Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Another very smart woman, Clarice Starling The Silence of the Lambs When she hunts down another serial killer, Buffalo Bill, she has to talk to Hannibal Lecter to get into the serial killer’s mind. In doing so, she must figure out a way to find the Buffalo Bills who kidnapped the senator’s daughter before he hurts more.

The most likable character in the movie, Starling gives Lecto personal information as a means of getting what she wants, while also trying to trick him. This leads to an interesting cat-and-mouse between the characters. It also shows Starling’s commitment to justice, trying to end the situation by any means necessary.

5 Will Kane – Noon (1952)

One of the greatest westerns of all time, noon Featuring one of the movie’s great heroes. A retired Marshall in a small town, Will Kane sees himself going head-to-head with a man who was jailed at noon years ago. With no one to fight him, Kane is alone against his enemies and his gang.

Under Cooper, Will Kane was a man of honor. Although even his friends told him to run away, he went head-to-head with the bad guys and dealt with them alone. Even as he is about to retire, he remains committed to protecting the people of his town. According to Emmanuel Levy, Cooper was a quintessential lone lawyer who won an Oscar for his performance and sent famed film critic John Wayne for his collection.

4 Rick Bryan – Casablanca (1942)

Perhaps the greatest love story in cinematic history, with a ruthless protagonist Casablanca is a character who finds himself in trouble with the rise of fascism in the context of World War II and the arrival of his ex-lover Ilsa and her husband Victor. In all the scenes, Brian does the right thing by standing up to the Nazis and letting his love go with her husband.

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Brian is a ruthless person who can be reached by the right people. He let Ilsa go because he loved her and knew it was best for her. In addition, he helped countless British and American soldiers during his time in Casablanca. By the end of the film, Brian puts other people above his happiness and ends up saving multiple people from the Nazis.

3 James Bond – Dr. No (1962)

Movie’s Longest Enduring Spy, Mainline James Bond The series has had 25 films in its 50-year run, ranging from Dr. No. While the Bond films didn’t flesh out their theme songs and martinis, Sean Connery helped build the foundation of his character as the Playboy spy who saved the world from the evil Dr. No, and in the process Got girl Honey Ryder.

not dr It was a huge success and led to an ongoing franchise. Bond has had many people playing him over the years, but never lost the charm that made him so appealing. The character’s glitz also captivates audiences, making him as cool as anything you see on screen. Save the world and get the girls, Bond grew up with the world around him and will continue to have a place in the movies for years to come.

2 Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Another immortal legend, Harrison Ford wears hat and whip for the first time The movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”In search of the coveted biblical artifact, Jones must navigate countless challenges ranging from adversaries and Nazis to supernatural horrors in the Ark. In the end, he overcame the difficulties and got the ark.

With three sequels and another on the way, Indiana Jones continues to be a pop culture staple. With thrilling stunts, he’s willing to do anything to get the historical legacy he showcases in the movie. He also fought Nazis and other historical villains, adding more heroism too. He is also very witty and charming, which also makes him a character that appeals to audiences.

1 Atticus Fitch – To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

exist to kill a robin, Atticus Fitch takes on the case of Tom Robinson, a black man who was falsely accused by a white woman. Facing a paranoid town, Feige passionately defends Robinson. However, the town still convicted him, and he was eventually killed by a citizen.

Fitch portrays a righteous man who does the right thing. According to the AFI, he is the greatest hero because of his commitment to the less fortunate, his commitment to his family, and his commitment to justice. Knowing he was fighting an uphill battle, he still took the case because he knew Tom deserved a chance. While the film and book received some repercussions, to kill a robin Still very powerful, a lot of it comes down to its protagonist.

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