The Best Places People Move to NJ and Why They Love It

One of the things we love doing in New Jersey is moving. We lead the nation moving out of state. It seems our biggest export is population!

Still, many choose to stay here, and as the housing market develops, people are earning premium prices for their homes. So many people are changing addresses that moving costs in New Jersey have increased by 8%, according to HireAHelper, a company that connects consumers with moving companies.

So with all these moves going on, where are the best places to move in New Jersey? If you had a friend who wanted to live in New Jersey, you would tell them where to go and why would you tell them to go there? This is a question I ask my New Jersey 101.5 audience as well as my social media followers.

With so many different options here, there should be something to please everyone. If you like city life, we have a few that are turning around and you can enter on the first floor. If it’s the suburbs or the coast, we’ve got you covered too. But it’s one thing to get rid of these places, and that’s why those who move to New Jersey love it so much.

This is what I received;

Cindy Zwick
Toms River! I live by the lake, 12 minutes to the beach, great shopping and restaurants nearby. I’m 30 minutes from Asbury, the best place to see live music. I was fortunate enough to work as a front desk manager at the historic Strand Theatre and meet childhood idols who performed on our stage. I traded pigeons for beautiful seagulls and sandpipers in New York. I love coastal living and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to move here. Lots of things to do, great social life.

Toms River Veterans Recreation Center Entrance

Toms River Veterans Recreation Center (OCSN) Entrance

Eric Barash
When I lived in Chambersburg from 1987 to 1998, there were Italian restaurants there. In 1998 it was all over and I moved back to my hometown of Lawrence Twp.

Carol Brehm
Thought this would be for the client until they reassess the home 6 months after purchase and the tax increases from 5900 to 8600
Ok ole Beverly Nj

Henry Carden
Troy Towers in Union City! Best view ever!

Larry Vladimir
AC’s Warwick Apartments. Love the sea view, huge pool and beach. And all the restaurants we could walk to in Ventnor. We love the Docks Oyster House in AC.

Tina Louise Cook
Hopewell, New Jersey police taught me how to obey the speed limit, and I live on a beautiful farm.

John Skinsky
Pennington! This is Maybury, New Jersey.

Mike Jordan
I’ve never lived in New Jersey, but I’ve always wanted to live on Jacksonville Road to Columbus Market.
I’ve always thought that was a really pretty area. I haven’t been there in years, so I’m not sure if it’s still the case.

Chris Canamuccio
I’ve never lived there, but Dennis Town is or was rural. I used to cut in from there, playing in a band on Wildwood n Sea Island. I always thought I would love it there.

Lord Chris
Growing up in Cedar Grove, wanted to go back but couldn’t afford it.

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