The Purple: Updated Cast for the Remake

when Purple Released in 1985, it marked a change in the rhythm of Steven Spielberg’s typical blockbuster. This period drama is based on the best-selling novel by Alice Walker, who served as the film’s consultant and writer. The film went on to become a major commercial hit, grossing $142 million worldwide and earning 11 Oscar nominations. The acclaimed film lives on as its legacy and popularity grow. This led to an original stage musical being brought to Broadway in 2005, the success of the stage adaptation sparked a revival in 2015, and discussions about a film version will surface in 2018. After years of development, the musical is finally moving forward.

and Purple Heading into production, the musical remake has a release date set for December 23, 2023. It’s unclear whether the musical will lean more towards the 1985 film, the original stage production, or the original book. For now, we do know who will make up the main cast of the musical adaptation. Let’s see who are the familiar new faces that will bring a new look to these iconic movie characters.

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Rock Soul)

Fantasia Barino

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