The Queen of Freaks is back, just as memorable

Lady Gaga performing at Old Trafford (Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Live Nation)

“I choose to focus on all the grit, all the grit,” Lady Gaga said during the pandemic when her Chromatica Ball tour was twice postponed. “I want to look back on the last few years, and I always want to remember that we were just that.”

Considering that “just like this” involved 60,000 people wearing flashing wristbands watching a purple beetle lady play a piano that resembled a flaming alien throne – seemingly designed by HR Giger – we’re unlikely Forget it.

We’re a little bit lucky to come to 2022 as an acclaimed actor whose Americana 2016 album Joanne Stefani Germanotta’s turn to unskilled personal exposure remains one of the most compelling and quirky live shows in the world. “Thank you for liking a weirdo like me!” she smiled at the crowd, a good portion of whom were wearing their own weird, homemade costumes.And it’s hard not to fall in love with a mind edgy enough to concoct a four-act stadium show in which Brazil Satisfy Hotel, A Clockwork Orange, Prometheus, The Great Gatsby, Warriors, They! ,The Matrix and Dr. Parnassos’ imagination.

The show starts in a weird way because it’s meant to go on. An Impressionist film, like a nightmare about celluloid, captures Gaga transforming into an evil bird woman before the prelude begins, in which Gaga appears in a row of brutalist mock concrete cells, tightly anchored in In a mechanical exoskeleton, and spinning around in a group of dancing prisoners. The trope of being trapped in an abusive relationship is blatant, but from there, Chromatica Ball pays little attention to matching imagery and themes.

Gaga took off her metal bodysuit for Just Dance, red police lights drenched the stage for the black artwork Poker Face, and the monster loosened. In Act 1 (“Alice,” “Replay,” “Monster”), she lies in a blood-stained bodysuit and bright red dress on a filthy hydraulic operating room slab, like a Budapest backstreet Like the torture porn victim of a spleen robbery. Through Act 2 (“911,” “Sour Candy,” the gorgeous “Phone” and “LoveGame,” Gaga’s no-hiss “…Baby Do It Again”), She was transformed into a sci-fi S&M cop, and the stage was transformed into a steampunk version of Nostromo. Act 3 (“Babylon”, “Free Woman”, “Born This Way”) then takes place at the decadent Gatsby party, with Gaga and the dancers in gold suits before they form a parade through the crowd to the second stage and crown Gaga as the Zerg Queen.

This morphing generosity is often compared to Bowie’s, but Gaga doesn’t show any sprites that come close to the same genre jump tonight.Drawing heavily from 2020 Chromatics For the album, she returned to dance pop, and she seemed to often pay homage to her pop predecessors: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pet Shop Boy and – in “Vogue” – parodies of “Babylon” and “Express Yourself” “Facsimile of “Born This Way” – Madonna. None of this is bad, but it’s only when Gaga plays the latest in a long line of surreal pianos for Act 4’s ballad medley that her personal talent really shines from behind the clothing rack.Interrupts the tune to dedicate to Alexander McQueen and deliver a motivational message about identity as she weeps in epic national ‘Shallow’, from A star is bornstanding on one leg on a stool as “Fun Tonight” turns from sad ballad to U2 disco.

Finally, a video of Gaga reciting a poem about life is art and we are all eternal (told about Tottenham’s hangover tomorrow) gave way to “Stupid Love”, “My Rain” and “Hold Me” In the ecstatic ending of “The Hand”, Gaga dressed up as a cyclist Beyoncé with a slender, clawed hand. It’s fair to say that the Queen of Freaks is back, and it’s still unforgettable.

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