These 25 Literary Girl Names Are Bold, Classic Perfect

You never know where the inspiration for your baby list came from. Maybe it’s from your favorite TV show, the name of an old friend, a letter, or even someone’s pet (yes, my friend named her kid after her neighbor’s dog, June). But one of the best places to find a timeless baby name is in your favorite book. These literary girl names come straight from the pages of classics, fairy tales, children’s books and more contemporary fiction.

Many of the baby girl names on this list — like Anne, Jane or Maya — feel classic without being overtly literary. But it’s still fun to explain why you named your kid what you did, and could one day share a great book with the character’s namesake. Other names on this list of baby girl names are inspired by authors rather than their protagonists, while some pay homage to more modern literary names like Katniss or Bridget.

Naming a baby girl is hard – naming your baby can be stressful. If you want to be sure to pick a name you won’t get bored with, flip through your favorite books for a literary-inspired girl’s name that’s perfect for English language training majors. After all, if you can read your favorite book over and over, you won’t get tired of hearing the name of your favorite character or author (unless that “protagonist” is seriously breaking down).



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Parenting can feel downright crazy at times, and it fits this piece of literature from Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. Meaning “noble” this classic name has French and English origins, it’s simple and easy to spell and won’t be overused.



‘s fans anne of green gables When they hear the name, the series will feel transported to Prince Edward Island. Lesser known is that Anne Bradstreet was the first person (male or female) to publish a collection of poetry in the United States, and that one of the Brontë sisters was also Anne. Strong, one-syllable girl’s name actually means “Grace”.



Homage to Shakespeare with the name Cordelia, the youngest daughter of King Lear. This literary girl’s name has many nicknames (Cor, Delia, Lia, even Cora), and it’s uncommon and unheard of. The name means “heart” or “daughter of the sea”. Buffy fans will love this too.



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Jane Eyre is a heroine that your children will be proud of, even if they may not have read Charlotte Bronte’s famous novel in a long time. Simple, short, and classic, Jane means “God is merciful”.



Maybe it’s time for the name Hester to get a second chance.Inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s protagonist Hester Prynne scarlet letter The name is a cool twist on Esther. If Hester (meaning “star”) isn’t for you, you can choose Pearl, Hester’s daughter in the novel.



Matilda meaning “strong and mighty” is a strong name for a girl, and the French version of Mathilde is also pretty. Of course, the name is reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s famous protagonist Matilda, who is both adorable and fierce. Tilly is also a super cute nickname.



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A beautiful literary name, Scarlett is in a class of her own and is instantly recognisable as the protagonist gone With the Wind. Pronounced “red”, the name conjures up images of a fiery, independent girl, but you can also pull other names from classic books like Melanie or Rhett.


Winnie the Pooh

At first, it might seem odd to name your baby girl after a cartoon bear without pants, but Winnie is a cute name. Interestingly, Winnie the Pooh got his name from a black bear at the London Zoo in the 1920s. The name is often (though not necessarily) short for Winifred, Edwina or even Gwyneth, which, by itself, means “happiness” or “fairness”.



any name for the march sisters little woman Instantly feel classic and literary. Jo, usually short for Josephine, is eldest sister, probably the best known of the literary names, but Beth, Meg or Amy would also fit well.



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With this name, your baby will fly to new heights like Wendy Peter PanKnown for being responsible but whimsical, the older sister in this classic book adaptation of the movie is a great namesake. The name Wendy means “friend”.



It’s undeniable that Juliet is a literary name for a girl (she’s sure to randomly quote Shakespeare when people know her name) but it’s also a very pretty and timeless name meaning “young”.



whether you are referencing Charlotte’s Web Or Charlotte Bronte, this beautiful and classic girl’s name meaning “freedom” is always a good choice. Charlie is also a sweet nickname.



Katherine Earnshaw is the protagonist of the 1847 novel Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte.Other literary classics named after Catherine include Taming the Shrew, pride and Prejudiceand Katherine, the little bird (Another lovely literary name).



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Girls’ flower names are always cute, and Daisy has the added bonus of being playful and literary thanks to the characters in the books the great gatsbyDaisy Buchanan.



It’s one of those rare names that’s cute for babies and cool for adults.borrowed from To kill a robin, This powerful one-syllable name suits the adventurous spirit.



Celie is the protagonist Purple Alice Walker, although the character had a difficult childhood, eventually found her voice. It’s a beautiful, unusual name meaning “blind” and a good substitute for Cecilia or Cici.



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Looking for a more modern literary girl’s name? How about Bridget, named after the cheeky Bridget Jones (but no one necessarily thinks so right away). It means “honorable person” and is usually considered an Irish name.



Rather than naming a literary character for your baby girl, choose a favorite author. Maya Angelou is one of the most famous writers of the 20th century, her name means “good mother”.



Zora Neal Hurston is another outstanding writer of the 20th century known for her writing Their eyes are on God One of the most important literary works on the Harlem Renaissance and race. The name means “sunrise” and is a good alternative to the more popular Nora.



Drew is a cool unisex name meaning “strong” and it reminds you of beloved amateur detective Nancy Drew. While this name is usually an abbreviation of Andrew for boys, in most cases it’s not a nickname for girls.

twenty one


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‘s fans Hungry Games Will know exactly what the name is called back to. It’s not a fictitious name, although Katniss Everdeen is responsible for restoring it. Katniss means “beautiful plant”.

twenty two


Lisbeth is sometimes short for Elizabeth (although it is entirely separate), which also happens to be derived from girl with dragon tattoo books. Lisbeth is usually a Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath”.

twenty four


What kid doesn’t want to live like Kay Thompson (at least a little bit) Eloise? Kids will love seeing their names on the cover of books, and this whimsical, cute girl’s name means “healthy”.



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There’s a lot to love about Ramona Quimby, the imaginative protagonist Ramona Beverly Cleary series. The name is uncommon, but easy to spell and pronounce, and means “wise protector”. It’s actually a feminine version of the masculine name Raymond.

No matter what name you choose for your literary darling, you’re sure to love her as much as the beloved book that inspired your choice.

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