Tim Baxter — “Rock Solid Conservative” from the first CD

Seacoast Current invites every candidate in the Republican primary for a 10- to 15-minute “live taped” unedited interview with Dan Alexander and SNHU Civic Scholar and founder of NH political capital Dean Spiliotes.

State Rep. Tim Baxter (R-Rockingham, 20) considers himself the “rock-solid conservative” and most accessible of the Republicans’ first congressional district primary.

There’s no doubt about where Baxter’s youngest candidate in the race sits on the political spectrum, as he garners rare endorsement from Senator Rand Paul and is on the cusp of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, illegal immigration and schools “Awakeningism” and other issues have been pushed back.

Baxter said he has a “rock-solid voting record of supporting the Constitution not only against the far left, but against complicity with Joe Biden to destroy our country.”

His engagement with voters will allow him to appeal to voters who may disagree with all his positions.

“I’m a real candidate. Anyone can call me. My number is 603-997-8108. We put it on our flyers and mail. I’m easily accessible. Even if you don’t vote Give me I want to represent you too. I think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle can respect my really tough stance on corruption in Washington D.C. and corrupt leadership in my own party,” Baxter said.

Tim Baxter

Tim Baxter

Republicans through and through

Like most Republicans, Baxter does not support the Reducing Inflation Act, calling it an “Orwellian” and “climate program slush fund” that would not have any effect on inflation.

“Anyone, even the left-leaning Congressional Budget Office, is saying it has little or no effect on inflation. They know it’s not going to magically lower inflation. You might support that because you think it’s so urgent that we have to Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on climate change, even though most people can’t afford gas tanks,” Baxter said.

Baxter said the 87,000 IRS agents who will be hired by the law will not bring in the expected revenue as they have in the past.

“We don’t need more IRS agents harassing small businesses in New Hampshire. I’m calling for the abolition of the IRS. I think this is an appropriate response, especially with the way the IRS has been weaponized and politicized against conservatives,” Bucks Te said.

Rather than individuals reporting income to the IRS, Baxter prefers residents to file a 10 percent flat tax to their respective states, which in turn pay the federal government.

“It’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for goddamn politicians,” Baxter said.

Baxter opposes extending Obamacare and favors expanding “consumer-driven free-market alternatives that expand direct-market primary care and make it easier for people to buy insurance and group association plans across state lines.”

While not supporting every Trump policy, Baxter would support Trump’s re-run for the White House and his America First policies.

“In terms of what Trump has done, the realignment of our stance on China and foreign policy are two things I really agree with,” Baxter said. “I think people are fed up with these far-left socialist policies. , we need to fight back against that,” Baxter said.

Tim Baxter and his brother Tyler

Tim Baxter and his brother Tyler (Congressman Baxter)

brother’s influence

If the federal ban on abortion was to be brought up, Baxter said he had a very personal reason that influenced his potential vote: His brother Taylor has special needs.

“It’s one of the things that motivates me the most in my life, especially my public service. In many countries like China, the way babies with special needs are aborted en masse is disgusting. It’s disgusting. I think As members of Congress, we need to act at the federal level, and we have to get something done. That’s very important,” Baxter said.

He supports a federal ban on abortion in the seventh, eighth and ninth months, similar to the current law in New Hampshire.

Baxter believes the presence of electric vehicles will continue to grow, but he opposes taxpayers subsidizing their purchases.

“If you want an electric car, God bless you. But you shouldn’t force people, especially when we’re struggling as a whole, we shouldn’t be subsidizing electric cars with taxes, whether it’s the shape or the horn.

Taylor also influenced the decision to enter politics when the collective home he lived in was threatened with closure.

“Just seeing politicians who don’t care and take advantage of the most unfortunate people in our community just ignited my fire to get involved and make a difference. I started my nonprofit (Second Chances) and the more I saw it The more I became more involved with our system, it made me realize how corrupt our political system is,” Baxter said.

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