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by Shanna Singh
Boston University Press

Richard Thomas (“Atticus Finch”) and Yaegel T. Welch (“Tom Robinson”). Photo by Juliette Cervantes.

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” Aaron Sorkin’s new stage play based on Harper Lee’s classic novel, will premiere at Boston’s Citizens Bank Opera House this April.

The tour is directed by Tony Award-winner Bartlett Schell and stars Richard Thomas as beloved lawyer and father Atticus Finch. Thomas is best known for his role as John-Boy Walton on the CBS television series The Waltons, which ran for nine seasons from 1972 to 1981.

“Atticus was an optimist who believed in the court system and believed that the truth would prevail. Then he walked into the buzz of this trial and the right hook of jury racism…” Original Broadway Production Ticks Jeff Daniels said in the published quote Twitter“Audiences can see this guy struggling to find something to say – he found it, and it’s gorgeous.”

Other notable actors include Mary Badham, who played Scout Finch in the original 1962 film and was nominated for an Oscar for her role as a child actor. According to the cast, Badham joined the tour as Mrs. Dubose, Scott’s morphine-addicted neighbor.

The touring cast also includes an orchestra member from the Bay State.

In addition to his roles as Jem and Dill, Morgan Bernhard, who also played townspeople and bailiffs, grew up in Massachusetts and lived in Boston for a few years after college, according to a biography on Bernhard’s website. During this time he performed in several fringe theatre companies before leaving the area for a master’s degree in the UK.

“It’s really special to be back in Boston as a member of ‘Mockingbird,'” Bernhard wrote in an email. “As a kid, I saw a lot of tours, including the Opera House, in the big house in Boston. So, performing on that stage in front of friends and family was like going around in a circle.”

The show, which debuted on Broadway in 2018, was an instant hit, breaking other box office records with $1.5 million in its opening week, BroadwayWorld reported.

In fact, Sorkin’s new adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird has become the most successful American show in Broadway history since it opened three years ago, according to reports. people.

Film critic Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone: “Full of humour, a generous heart and tenacious provocation, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is both timely and timeless.” “Sorkin sets a new The gold standard, adapting the heartfelt voice of one generation to the voice of another. The result is unmissable and unforgettable.”

The national tour kicked off March 27 in Buffalo, New York, before heading to Boston. The tour will end in Columbus, Ohio in June 2023. A full list of tour stops can be found here.

“The Robin” will be held in Boston from April 5-17. Standard tickets at www.BroadwayInBoston.com and at the box office start at approximately $45.00. Students, seniors, military and veterans with valid ID can get a select number of $30 expedited tickets two hours before the game starts.

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