TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD launches All Rise £15 Ticket Initiative

Ahead of previews starting Thursday, March 10, To Kill a Mockingbird today announced an All Rise ticket program with TodayTix, which provides a £15 seat per show. The initiative aims to provide access to the widest possible audience at an affordable price.

More than 1,400 tickets will be issued each month. Tickets are first released on March 8, and shows run through April 2 (inclusive). In addition to the All Rise programme, you have the opportunity to buy tickets for £15 via the Today Tix daily rush – a limited number of extra seats will be available via the app each performance day.This TodayTix Apps can be downloaded for free on iO or Android devices through the App Store; or you can access them online at

To Kill a Mockingbird opens March 31, 2022 at the Gielgud Theatre, with previews starting March 10. Aaron Sorkin’s new series is based on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and is directed by Bartlett Sher.

Set in Maycomb, Alabama in 1934, To Kill a Mockingbird offers some of the most indelible characters in American literature: attorney Atticus Finch, tragically wronged Tom Robinson, Atticus’ daughter Scott, her brother Jem, their housekeeper and caretaker Carl Ponia, and reclusive Arthur “Boo” Radley. Over the past six years, this story, its characters and portraits of small-town America have helped and will continue to inspire conversation and change for every generation.

Harper Lee’s enduring story of racial injustice and childhood innocence has sold more than 45 million copies worldwide. 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of its publication.

The full cast is Harry Atwell (Mr. Cunningham/Bo Radley), Amanda Boxer (Mrs. Henry Dubose), Bobby Lee Friar (Mayella Ewell), John Hastings (Marshal), Simon Hepworth (Mr Rothko/Dr Reynolds), Laura Howard (Miss Stephanie/Dear’s mother), Lloyd Hutchinson (Link Diess), Gwyneth Keyworth (Scott Finch), Tom Mannion (Sheriff Heck Tate), David Morester ( Dill Harris), Pamela Normwitt (Carponia), Jim Norton (Judge Taylor), Patrick O’Kane (Bob Ewell), Jude Owusu (Tom Robinson), Harry Reading (Jem Finch), Ralph Spall (Atticus Finch), David Stuartzak (Horace Gilmer) and Nata Sarah Williams (Mrs. Dubose’s Maid), along with Helen Belbin, Lawrence Belcher, Paul Birchard, Ryan Ellsworth, Rebecca Hayes, Danny Hetherington, Matthew Jure, Anna Munden and Itoya Osagiede.

Join Sher and the original Broadway creative team – Miriam Buether (sets), Ann Roth (costumes), Jennifer Tipton (lights), Scott Lehrer (voice), Adam Guettel (original music), Kimberly Grigsby (music supervisor) and Campbell Young Associates ( Hair & Wigs) – Serena Hill as casting director, Hazel Holder as voice and dialect coach, Titas Halder as associate director, Candida Caldicot as music director, Tavia Rivee Jefferson as cultural coordinator and Rasheka Christie-Carter as assistant director.

The West End production was produced by Barry Diller and Sonia Friedman Productions.

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