Tyler Perry buries bible beneath Atlanta studio

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry speaks while accepting the 2019 BET Awards Ultimate Icon Award |

Film mogul Tyler Perry recently revealed that due to the location’s dark past, he used God’s Word to lay the groundwork for his 330-acre studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Perry acquired the land in 2015 for Tyler Perry Studios, which has been the launch pad for hundreds of TV shows and movies since its grand opening in 2019.

In a recent interview with AARP, Perry revealed that he buried the Bible under the building “as a way to refocus the spirit of the place” before building a soundstage on the land.

Tyler Perry Studios was built on a former Confederate base, and Perry was the first black American to own the land. On the land, he built 12 soundstages, each named after an influential writer and visionary black actor.

“The land itself used to be a Confederate base, which means someone here fought to enslave my ancestors,” he explained to AARP.

The self-proclaimed Christian shared that he was haunted by the land as soon as he set foot on it.

“I was obsessed with this property from the moment I walked into it. So when we built each of the 12 photo studios, we buried the Bible under them as a way to refocus the place spirit,” he continued.

Perry has since used the studio to create content that honors the black experience.

His scripted crime drama series “Rich and Poor” ran for eight seasons on Oprah Winfrey’s own network and was the channel’s “highest-rated show.”

“It’s important to Oprah and me to show black people that you can work together, that strength can come together and be successful,” Perry said.

The Tyler Perry studio also provides work for many people, including those who are marginalized, he said.

“Thousands of people come through the gates every day to work here. It’s a beautiful thing. A lot of them are ex-prisoners and they wouldn’t have this footage,” he said.

Since its launch, Perry has intentionally invited God into his studio.

At the 2019 grand opening evening for his studio, the performer hosted a church service and gospel brunch. The service is held at the Temple Replica Chapel in “Purple” and features performances by the Gospel Choir and the Clark Sisters and a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes.

Clips from the brunch show numerous celebrities in attendance, including Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Z, Beyonce and Patti Labelle.

Some people from the gospel music world were also in attendance, such as Bebe and Cece Winans, David and Tamela Mann, Pastor John Gray and Kirk Franklin.

A video of Oprah showed the mogul in tears as the gospel choir walked into the church.

At the time, Perry took to Instagram to praise God for his success.

“Glory to the glory – the weekend wouldn’t be complete without Jesus meeting us on the studio lawn!! With a heart full and a grateful heart to all who prayed to me along the way,” Perry wrote road.

Perry previously told The Christian Post how much of his work, including his film “Out of Favor,” reflects his faith and persistence in prayer during times of pain and uncertainty.

“I just want people to know that no matter how dark, no matter how bad, no matter how bleak the scene or the situation you’re in, there’s still hope,” Perry said. “I say this, even from my own life, I realize I’m in the darkest period of my life and don’t even know if I’m going to make it. But as long as it sticks to what I believe, stick to hope and prayer, stick to God and faith, it all came together.”

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