Warners delays DC movie release, but sends two HBO Max movies to theaters

As has been rumored for weeks, the post-production standoff caused by Covid has taken another major toll, James Wan’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Postponed from March 23, 2023 to December 25, 2023. Since there is currently a major period, Shazam: Wrath of the Gods Avoid conflict with James Cameron Avatar: The Way of Water And Ryan Coogler’s May Be Long Legs Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. David F. Sandberg-Directed Superhero Comedy Gets IMAX and Related PLF Screens, It Won’t Come With It Avatar 2. What’s more (not all of it has to do with DC or Marvel), Warner Bros. Discovery Channel has sent two movies that were previously intended for HBO Max, a new family gathering December 9 and Rise of the Evil April 21, 2023, to the cinema.

Yes, David Zasloff is delivering on his unofficial promise to prioritize drama.I bet most of your money on Channing Tatum Magic Mike: The Last Dance It will finally be released in theaters, possibly in the new “Untitled WB Event Movie” slot on February 10, 2023. Salem’s Lot has been postponed indefinitely (again, post-production delays seem to be the culprit, the trailer was great at CinemaCon), nun 2 (directed by magic 3Michael Chavez and by malignantof Accra Cooper) The period scheduled for early September next year is basically it, nun and it chapter two. For those worried about David Zaslov’s shareholder presentation not mentioned Summon the universe ($2.1 billion out of a total budget of $179.5 million) in Warner Bros. Precious IP, for you.

With all the online chatter about DC’s delay, Warner Bros. discovered that it was actually adding the movie* to the theaters section. I’m disappointed because it fuels the ridiculous “DC Chaos!” narrative.While I’m glad Sandberg and Wan don’t have to rush (have more time to fill those DC movies with gleeful stupidity) conjure cosmic cameo), which leaves the theater without another important year-end pillar. I’m very saddened by Disney for its theatrical pullback, including the explosion of 20th century studios and the premiere/soon to premiere Searchlight movie on Hulu.However, they will keep the industry going in the last quarter of 2022 Black Panther 2, Strange World, and Avatar 2and movies like 20th Century/Searchlight Amsterdam, savages, see how they run and menu.

Depending on the circumstances, these moves make sense.you can’t complain Suicide Squad or Rise of Skywalker Being rushed to the release date and then yelled at when the movies were delayed to get the time they needed. Likewise, you can’t argue that post-production talent shouldn’t be overworked to meet a release date, and then complain when a movie that’s struggling to meet its deadline is pushed back. Yes, Shazam 2 and Avatar 2 can flourish at the same time. Sherlock Holmes and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 succeed together Avatar. Jumanji 2 and greatest performer thrive together The Last Jedi. However, Warner may be concerned Forever Wakanda Even by Christmas, it will still be huge.We all remember the last time Hollywood assumed Black Panther Will function like a normal MCU tentacle.

If it’s up to me, I’ll release Magic Mike 3 Comes out in February, but continues Shazam 2 December (even bumblebee or Mary Poppins returnsWith a budget of $125 million, the gross is acceptable).then i will move flash By March (Tear That Band-Aid Off) and Send Aquaman 2 Come summer so they can have a guaranteed blockbuster on the tenth anniversary man of Steel, but it’s not my money.I have a desire to keep Neptune At Christmas.it even softens the blow should Forever Wakanda, the way of water and lost kingdom It turned out to be a very similar underwater fantasy sequel.Assuming no other changes, Warner Bros. could dominate the fourth quarter of 2023 Dune Part II, Purple, Wonka and Aquaman 2.

As for the disagreement batgirlthe funeral screening of the canceled movie is not a new invention. As for the rest of the slate, I don’t have a strong feeling family gathering or Rise of the Evil. I don’t like the first one nun (biggest box office conjure $366 million worldwide) almost as much as I like malignantalthough Annabelle: Creation Compare Annabelle. In the absence of all the conspiracy theories, the chatter and the good/evil rhetoric about what a computational business decision is for corporations to create art is falling, and at least two movies should be on HBO Max. As was the case with WB and DC, business as usual is seen as the end of the world.


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