Watch highlights from the To Kill a Mockingbird national tour starring Richard Thomas


Watch the highlights to kill a robin National tour starring Richard Thomas

Melanie Moore, Jacqueline Williams, Justin Mark, Yaegel T. Welch and Robin Oscar nominee Mary Badham joins the Emmy winner.

Alan Sorkin stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s first national tour to kill a robin Launched March 27 at the Shea Center for the Performing Arts in Buffalo, New York. The production is currently performing at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C., through July 10.

Emmy winner Richard Thomas (Walton, little fox) as Atticus Finch, Melanie Moore as Scout Finch; Jacqueline Williams as Calpurnia; Justin Mark as Jem Finch; Yeager T. Welch as Tom Robinson; Steven Lee Johnson as Dill Harris; and Mary Badham, Oscar-nominated for playing the Boy Scouts in 1962 to kill a robin Movie, as Mrs. Dubose.

Watch the highlights of the production in the video above.

The cast also includes Joey Collins as Bob Ewell, Richard Poe as Judge Taylor, Luke Smith as Horace Gilmer, and Arianna Gale Starkey as Mayella Ewell, David Christopher Wells as Sheriff Heck Tate, Anthony Natale as Link Diess, Liv Ross as Miss Stephanie, Travis Johns as Boo Radley , band members Morgan Bernhard, Denise Cormier, Christopher R Ellis, Stephen Elrod, Glenn Fleary, Maeve Moynihan, Daniel Neale, Dorcas Sowunmi and Greg Wood.

Welch, Johnson, Smith, Roth and Fleary join the tour from recent Broadway productions.

Sorkin’s stage adaptation to kill a robin The final show was held at the Schubert Theater on Broadway on January 16. The acclaimed production is scheduled to reopen at the Velasco Theatre on Broadway, with a date to be announced by Greg Kinnear’s return to the role of Atticus Finch.

Directed by Bartlett Schell, the adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel was officially launched on December 13, 2018, and the original investment was recovered within 19 weeks of its launch.

Tony nominee Jeff Daniels (Sorkin’s newsroom) initially played the central role of Atticus Finch on stage, setting the Alabama story as a memory play as Scott recalled the 1930s trials in which her father was The defense of a black man accused of raping a white girl. Celia Keenan-Borg won a Tony Award for her role as a Boy Scout on Broadway. Read the opening night review here.

to kill a robin The show opens at the Schubert Theater on Broadway on November 1, 2018. On February 26, 2020, just a few weeks before Broadway closed, Broadway actors put on a history-making free show for 18,000 schoolchildren in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Robin It will then resume at the Schubert Theater on Broadway on October 5, 2021.

to kill a robin Designed by Miriam Buether, costumed by Ann Roth, lighting by Jennifer Tipton, sound by Scott Lehrer, original soundtrack by Adam Guettel, music directed by Kimberly Grigsby, hair and wig design by Campbell Young Associates, cast by The Telsey Office, design adaptation and supervision by Edward Pierce. The national tour is produced by Barry Diller.

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Check out the new production photos from US tour ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

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