What NH GOP congressional primaries? ‘Undecided’ leading polls

This report has been updated to include results from the New Hampshire School of Political Science at St. Anselm College.

With less than a month to go before the first congressional district Republican primary, two polls released Monday showed no candidate leading.

An Aug. 13-14 NH Journal poll of likely Republican primary voters found Matt Mowers chosen by 31 percent of respondents, followed by Karoline Leavitt at 16 percent, Tim Baxter at 9 percent, Gail Huff at 9 percent. 8% and 3% of Brown are Russell Prescott.

Lawnmower also leads in St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Political Science poll, but has a close 25%-21% lead with Levitt. Huff Brown 9%, Baxter 8% and Prescott 2%.

But while candidates have shaken hands and introduced themselves to voters over the past year, hoping to be their pick to challenge Democratic incumbent Chris Pappas, the front-runner in the race is “undecided,” at 33 percent in the poll.

Voters who identified themselves as “liberal” were the most hesitant, at 85 percent, in the NH Journal poll.

Who are these candidates?

The NH Journal poll showed a majority of voters were “not sure” about the candidate in the race, with 81 percent unsure about Prescott.

“Name recognition remains a challenge in the field,” said Dean Spliotes, founder of SNHU Civic Scholar and NH Political Capital and Seacoast Current political analyst.

Polls have proven that so far, many “regular” voters in the region have not paid attention to the race. However, they will begin as the primary election begins on Tuesday, September 13.

“If WMUR had a televised debate in September, that might help,” Spiliotes said.

Trump gets backlash

He said former President Donald Trump was polling nationwide after looking for his Florida home, as seen in the NH Journal poll.

Polls show Trump overwhelmingly at 73%-19%, with an uncertainty rate of 8%. The poll for President Joe Biden was the opposite, with 88 percent disapproving, 9 percent approving, and 4 percent unsure.

The lawnmower, which lost the 2020 election to Rep. Chris Pappas, has Trump’s backing in that race. He later served as a senior adviser to Trump.

“The results are clear: Granite state lawmakers want a tried-and-true conservative party in Congress who will advance the America First agenda and fight for New Hampshire,” Mower said, retweeting the poll’s results. “Within 85 days, we will fire Chris Pappas and Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

Baxter, Huff Brown, Leavitt and Prescott did not publish their responses to the NH Journal poll. Levitt hit back at Lawnmower, calling him a “fraudulent frontrunner.”

“While Matt Morse is masquerading as a ‘conservative Granite state legislator,’ this poll shows voters see through his disguise – a New Jersey lobbyist and swamp insider who cares more about his cause not our state,” Levitt said in a statement.

The NHIP poll did not ask Trump.

Levitt works in Trump’s White House press office, while Herve Brown’s husband, former Senator Scott Brown, is Trump’s ambassador to New Zealand.

The NH Journal polled 829 likely Republican voters through cellphone text responses and automated landline interviews. The NHIOP poll surveyed 1,898 likely New Hampshire voters through cell phone users who were randomly selected from a sample of registered voters.

Seacoast Current and Spiliotes will interview each candidate a few days before the primary

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