What should I watch on Prime Video this month?

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Amazon Prime Video has been pretty boring this month, giving us only a handful of nerdy new releases to binge.the benefit is rare Good stuff Amazon’s streaming service Yes The August premiere will provide answers to all of our questions: What should I watch on Prime Video?

There’s only one TV show in the Gizmodo Australia profile, but there are several movies coming to Prime Video this month, so to make things a little easier, we’ve narrowed the list down to five new releases to keep you hooked.

What’s new in Prime Video?

You should head here to check out the full list of what’s new on Prime Video this month – new releases spanning all things sci-fi, action, adventure, documentaries and pop culture in general, the streaming service is making its Australian debut.

What should I watch on Prime Video?

Here are five TV shows and movies we think you should watch on Prime Video, in order of their release in Australia.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – August 1

This NASCAR-themed comedy (by Ferrell and his host collaborator Adam McKay) has a fairly tight plot, which goes against the direction of the movie at the time. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Seeing Ferrer play a dim but fearless All-American racer whose confidence is shaken when a gay Frenchman (Sasha Barron Cohen) beats him to track supremacy. When Ferrer returns to work with the help of his rogue father Gary Cole, Talladega night More or less turned into a straight-up sports movie that hits all the optimism without being crazy enough.

The Great Gatsby – August 3

New to Prime Video this month is the great gatsby. Baz Luhrmann’s visually dazzling (albeit divisive) adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is a cinematic wonder, no matter how you slice it. If you’re not familiar, author and Wall Street trader Nick Callaway (Tobey Maguire) finds himself drawn to his millionaire neighbor Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). It was synonymous with the glamorous (and rich) life of the 1920s, not the real American dream.

Outlaws (Season 2) – August 5

This outlaw is a comedy thriller about a group of disparate lawbreakers who come together to complete a community service sentence. Seven strangers from all walks of life are forced to work together to renovate an abandoned community center. When one of them is dragged into a dangerous world of organized crime, they unite in ways they thought were impossible. “The Outlaws” still had time to serve their second season a few months after the first season ended, but quickly realized that the criminal underworld wasn’t done with their work.

Samaritans – August 26

Sylvester Stallone’s new superhero movie Samaritan A bit of a mystery, but we think you should add it to your Prime Video binge list this month. Originally slated for a 2020 release, it was delayed for years by various studio acquisitions.Focus on anti-hero stories similar to Will Smith HancockSamaritan It was advertised as telling the story of what happened to superheroes in their prime. Last week, we finally got a trailer, so we know more.

Uncharted – August 27

Uncharted territory is one of those video game franchises that will wow you, yet the movie adaptation… let Nathan Drake fans down. The movie gets a few things right, but it also gets a lot wrong.it is Uncharted territoryA chance to reach a completely different entertainment space. It’s still kinda fun though we don’t recommend you go to the cinema but if you haven’t watched it you’re new to the franchise or you like it and you’re not sure about all the stuff haters it will be in theaters later this month Debut on Prime Video.

what other Should I be watching on Prime Video?

Last month, we recommended Gucci Housepaper girlTerminal listmade in America and RobocopCheck back next month, and if you ask, “What should I watch on Prime Video in September?”, we’ll give you new advice.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to sign up for each streaming service in Australia, we’ve figured it out for you. Here, you’ll find a more in-depth comparison of what each streaming service offers.

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