White House 1600 Podcast “Bartlett Schell, American Storyteller”

White House Historical Society President Stewart McLaughlin talks Tony Award-winning director Bartlett Schell’s portrayal of Americans theatre history

Washington, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The White House Historical Society releases a new episode White House 1600 Meetings Today’s podcast, “The American Storyteller Bartlett Shearer,” explores how one of our nation’s greatest storytellers has used drama to explain and illuminate the story of American history.

In this episode, Stuart McLaughlinWhite House Historical Society President and Tony Award-winning director Bartlett Schell took to the main stage to discuss portrayals of the White House and iconic moments in history.

“Here Washington, on any given night, you have White House staff, members of Congress, policymakers, leaders of various departments, in theater audiences,” McLaughlin said. “What they see has to have an impact on their thinking. , they apply these things in relation to what they are going through in their own lives. “

Sher details the process of putting together a story to share with others, and what audiences can expect from his work.

“It’s part of my job to find stories that tell us about who we are, especially American stories, and bring them to audiences so they can read them, reconsider them, revisit them,” Sher said. . “It’s a great achievement in my job when I can be successful.”

Scher will direct the musical’s revival next spring Camelot On Broadway, working with writers Aaron Sorkinwith whom he recently collaborated on a stage adaptation to kill a robin. the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Say Camelot It was Kennedy’s favorite musical, and after his death, the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table became a symbol of the Kennedy administration.

Sher said the new version Camelot Have Sorkin “intersecting his ideas and interest in roundtables and democracy, and Arthur’s struggle to make it a special new place” with ideas of how to make musicals and how to get into songs.

When asked by McLaughlin what it’s like to have a president U.S. In the audience of a play, Scheer recalls the then-president Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama See his 2009 playwright revival August Wilson Joe Turner Come and go on Broadway, and called the moment “extraordinary.”

“When the president has such a close relationship with the arts, it allows for better, deeper discussions,” Sher continued. “I think it’s stronger, I think it’s really extraordinary.”

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White House 1600 Meetings

President of the White House Historical Society Stuart McLaughlin is the host of “The White House 1600 Sessions,” the Society’s official audio and video podcast dedicated to exploring the history, cultural influences, untold stories and personal accounts of America’s most iconic homes and tallest offices.

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