Why Fletcher is arguably the best suspense-comedy movie

1985 was one of the best years in the movie business.classic blockbusters such as fool and back to the Future Introducing audiences to a new type of entertainment experience, two of the best horror comedies ever re-animator and Return of the Living Dead. Classic episodes such as breakfast club and the critically acclaimed and nominated Oscars Purple Released that year, along with many other memorable ’80s films such as Teen Wolf, Legend, and Pee’s Big AdventureIn addition to these films and more, one of the funniest comedies of the decade is also coming out this year.

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Fletch Directed by Emmy-nominated Michael Ritchie, starring Chevy Chase in his film heyday. In this mystery/comedy, Chase plays Fletcher, a newspaper reporter who is asked to murder a mysterious millionaire who allegedly died of cancer. However, when the truth about the man’s health was revealed, a growing news story led him to search for a bigger, deeper story.

The film, based on Gregory MacDonald’s novel, was well received by audiences and critics alike.It spawned a sequel called Fletcher Life 1989, reboot Admit, Fletcher Jon Hamm, who plays the role, is expected to open in theaters on September 16, 2022. The character’s popularity and market continues almost 40 years later. It all probably has to do with the success of the original film and the various factors that helped shape the mystery/comedy genre.

Chevrolet Chase and Comedy Fletch

Chevy Chase was able to bring Irwin Fletcher’s character from the page to the screen in a way that only he could.legend saturday night live The actor has already made his mark in Hollywood, starring in films such as Caddy Hut and national satire holiday. Essentially, he made a name for himself by doing what he did best…becoming a Chevy. Some might argue that it hinders the actor.However, speaking of Fletch Specifically, his performance is the standout of the entire movie. His wit and dedication to physical comedy is hilarious, he’s at the true pinnacle of his game, heights he can never reach again. While the storyline is overly exaggerated and hilarious, Chase understands that the film is meant to be understated, even if there’s a murderous mystery lurking beneath the surface.

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Farce is used to ease those tense moments, a little frivolous. In this film, we see Fletcher climbing up fire escapes, engaging in high-speed chases with dogs and cars, constantly breaking the law, breaking in and out of houses. Of course, adding those moments of shocking bodily slapstick humor is on the nose. However, slapstick in comedy is the equivalent of jump scare in horror — and when done right, it works. Chase is a great comedian who knows when to use his humorous style.Promoted the sequel in an interview with Reelin’ In the Years Fletcher, Chase explains why his “self-assured” style works so well:

Well, I seem to be the only one who can do this…it’s probably true. The truth is that any actor is just playing himself and ends up being a little tricky here and there. Even De Niro, even, anyone you know, even Nicholson at the top, you say “that’s Jack Nicholson.” They might be great actors and they might be able to make that role worthy of… an Oscar if that matters. But in fact, the person you like is basically character and character. “

witty dialogue and camouflage Fletch

There are many dialogue lines played for punchlines from Chase’s character. Fletch is a witty reporter who always needs to say the last word, even if it’s just a simple jab at the other end of the conversation. At the beginning of the film, when allegedly dying millionaire Alan Stanwyck is instructing Fletcher on how to complete his own murder…, he asks Fletcher if he has rubber gloves to enter the mansion:

Alan: “Do you have rubber gloves?”

Fletch: “I leased them. I have a lease that I can buy.”

A simple one-liner, sure, but Chase’s character plays out well. Most of his conversations come faster than bullets flying around. Only he can deliver Qinger with such confidence. But it’s a weapon Fletcher has in the movie, and he uses his words to free himself from multiple dangerous situations. Within an inch of the bullet, Fletcher redirected the attacker to an untied shoelace, as if he were running away. Sure, it’s a fun approach, but Chase took the time to develop the character’s antics and prepare the audience for the joke before the punchline. The effectiveness and relationship of Fletcher’s character is deeply embedded in Chase’s own experience as an actor.in an interview with the propaganda Fletcher, Chase talks to John C. Tibbetts about his character:

“Obviously Fletcher is an investigative reporter who likes to pretend, to use a different name and voice, and that’s how he gets his story. It’s easy for me because that’s how I live my life.”

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Of course, an actor’s job is to tell a story by disguising himself as another person’s life and body. Chase seems to connect his real-life character to Fletcher’s own antics. Fletcher seems to have a different costume and character in every scene of the movie. It creates a humorous suspense as it keeps viewers on their toes to see where he ends up next. But it also shows Chase’s versatility as an actor, capable of fooling both the audience and the characters on screen.

Gregory MacDonald’s Books and His Success Fletch

This Fletch The novel has been loved by readers since it was first published in 1974. The book won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best First Novel, while the sequel won Best Paperback Original. MacDonald has released a total of 11 books, offering a variety of adaptation options for the characters. Jon Hamm’s latest reboot shows that audiences still love the character, and there’s still a story to tell.

While the original film and its sequel are light parodies of classic murder mystery films of the past, it’s presented as lighthearted entertainment. Compared with another suspense/comedy spoof released in the same year, which also became a classic, clue Starring Tim Curry, Fletcher Seems promising to stand out, especially if the reboot brings people back to the first movie.If you just look at the box office, it proves that Fletch better than clue. Fletcher The original budget was $8 million, when it grossed more than $59 million worldwide. clue Originally budgeted at $15 million, it flopped at just over $14 million at the global box office.

Fletcher It has remained among other works of the genre since its release. From source material to directing and casting, all the components came together to deliver the fun and hysterical mystery/comedy to audiences that was one of the highlights of Chevrolet Chase’s already established career. It doesn’t end the story, however, as there are so many places Fletcher might have gone, and we can see a lot of faces he wears.

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