Why The Bachelorette’s Caitlin and Jason are having trouble planning their wedding

former star and host bachelorette Caitlin Bristow explains why she and her fiancé, ex bachelorette Suitor Jason Tartick had a lot of trouble planning their wedding.Caitlin first appeared in Chris Soules’ bachelor In 2015, she became The Bachelorette later that year. She was engaged to Shawn Booth on the show, but they split in November 2018.Meanwhile, Jason was one of the final three contestants for Becca Kufrin’s 2018 season Bachelorette.

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Caitlin, 37, and Jason, 33, met in 2019 when he was her guest break away from the vine podcast and ask her out on a date. Caitlin said yes, and their fun and supportive relationship began.Jason was Caitlin’s number one fan when he entered and won dancing with the stars Season 29, November 2020. On May 11, 2021, Jason proposed to Caitlin while filming an episode of her podcast in Nashville, and she embraced it. Caitlin and Jason are ready to plan their wedding and start a new chapter of their lives together.

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The couple recently announced that they will be getting married on New Year’s Eve the great Gatsby topic, however, about Us Weekly “is here for the right reasons” Podcast, Caitlin revealed that they are now struggling with their wedding plans. bachelorette Fans have been speculating about whether their wedding will take place, but Caitlin seems sure they will eventually. About getting married on New Year’s Eve, Caitlin said, “I really want to. I’d still love to do it.” Caitlin explained that the couple had a hard time choosing a venue because they were so different. she says, “Jason and I had a lot of fun. Like, if we’re talking about a venue — we actually have such different styles, different tastes, different everything, it’s almost frustrating. Because I’d say, ‘I’m in love with it’ With this venue it’s perfect, it’s open. He’d be like, ‘Oh, no, that’s not it. That’s not the style we want at all.'” Caitlin also shared that they were having trouble booking the venue because “Everyone and their dogs are getting married right now to make up for the time of the pandemic.” As long as the two of them agree on a venue, reservations will be made until the end of next year, she said.

To fix this, Caitlin suggested to Jason that maybe they might have a “Little, Little Intimacy” Host an event in their backyard, by the lake or anywhere, then throw a big party at some venue later next year. She said she’s still holding on to the idea because she didn’t know it would be so hard to find a venue or choose a date.However, Jason disagrees with this idea because he is “So fixed” About holding a traditional wedding. Caitlin shared, “I was so unconventional that I would say, ‘Why can’t we do courts?'” Because I would. “ She said she would elope, but “He didn’t fall.” Caitlin stressed that she doesn’t have a deadline to marry Jason, making the wait for marriage a big problem for her.she said she would have to “Enjoy longer engagement” Because it’s hard to plan a wedding.

Caitlin and Jason have been a fan-favorite Bachelor couple for years, and people can’t wait to see them get married. Maybe sooner or later they’ll make an official announcement and then have a party in a few months because the two of them seem to really want to get married. It seemed like a fair compromise, as the pandemic disrupted their original plans. Whatever they decide, hopefully Caitlin and Jason will get married soon and they can continue to be happy.

bachelorette Airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Us Weekly “Here for the Right Reasons”

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