Wings Publication Announces 2022 Amazon Best-Selling Authors

2022-08-26 18:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug. 26 (ANI/SRV): Around the world, books have been a major source of inspiration. India has a long history of creating some of the best screenwriters and incredibly smart writers who write books that change people’s lives.
Wings Publication helps authors translate their knowledge and experiences into non-fiction and self-help book form. Such books are written by business owners, trainers, coaches, experts and consultants who have led clients in their industries for decades.
Wings Publication has published the following authors and their books over the past few months, contributing to the world and adding more knowledge:
Murali Sundaram, books “UNspam Your Life”, “If they Can You Can” and “Success & Gratitude Journal”. India’s only happiness coach, founder and keynote speaker of TLC (Teachers Are Leaders Community), has trained more than 400,000 leaders.
Swati Tripathi, The Power of Parenting: Giving Your Child a Better Self. Parenting coach and founder of “The Elegancia Play School”.
Guruvayurappa KR, Book “The New You Version 2.0: Beyond Your Limits and Rediscover Your Infinite Inner Power”. Entrepreneur, Chief Founder of Aagna, Keynote Speaker, Biofeedback Trainer, NLP Practitioner, LOA Expert and Facilitator.
Smita Goswamy, book “Family Run to Family Led: Growth Road-Map for Families in Business”. Family business coach, HR specialist, keynote speaker at IIM and other top business schools in India.
Ranjana Ghoshal, Workplace Superstars: 25 New Age Career Skills for Career Growth. High performance coach. She is the founder of Skill Arcade, a professional coaching academy.
Suresh Shetye, “Stuck in Business? 5 Exponential Growth Tips for 10x Profit.” CEO of Boom Stride and Scenarios Management Services. Business Transformation Coach with 39+ years of coaching experience.
Uttam Roy, “The Next Viral Coach: Secrets to Boosting Your Video Display, Engaging Clients, and Creating Lasting Impact.”Corporate IT Associates, Video Marketing Specialists Build and Grow Businesses Using YouTube and Online Video
Seema Mitra, “Unlock Your True Potential: True Stories from Real People”. Career Mentors and Corporate Relations Professionals. She is the Corporate Relations Manager at IMT B-School in Dubai.

Babita Rani, “Perform Your Way to Success: 11 Secrets to Help You Achieve Holistic Peak Performance” book. Student performance coach and academician for 20 years.
Shivangi Reja, book “Connecting the dots…the way to discover a better self”.Passionate Educator, Academic Leader, Certified Life Coach and Professional Growth Coach, Ho’oponopono Therapist and Founder and Director of Connecting DOTS
Suparna Chakrabarti, book “I Care About My Beauty: A One-Step Solution for Paint Protection”. Director and manufacturer of Taciturn Caretech OPC Pvt, a world-class nanotechnology company
Subadra Ilan, book “Alluring Careers: 9 Ideas for Choosing a Passionate Career to Become a Millionaire”. Internationally Certified Career Coach and Certified Career Services Provider.
Ravi Chandra and Prakash Thalya, book “Pest Management Essentials: Key Information on Pest Identification and Its Management”. Ravi C is the CEO of HVL Pest Services, operating in 77 cities in India. Prakash T is a leadership coach with 30 years of experience in pest control, agriculture and business management.
Dipak Bhadra, “Growing Your Money Tree: A Proven Roadmap for a Financial Freedom Mindset” book. Millionaire Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, Life Enriching Founder and Certified Global Advisor. Coached under the direction of Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor.
Muthukumaraswamy Maganti, book “Failure Forward…Success: The Secret of Success Few Know – Revealed!”. Environmentalist and social entrepreneur.
Azhar Ali Sayed, book Eat Your Cake and Lose Weight: Lose Weight and Feel Energized in 30 Days. Founder and clinical dietitian of Healthtech SaaS StartUp Streamlining nutrition and wellness with deep machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Ramesh Bhai Anjana, Book “30 dinoN meN prbhaavii aur sphl vktaa bnne ke rhsy”. Motivational speaker, keynote speaker, life coach and entrepreneur.
The books are available on Amazon Indian and Amazon International. Most authors and their books hit #1 Amazon bestsellers within days of release.
Wings Publication is the fastest growing publishing house in India. It mainly helps first-time authors to publish their digital (Kindle) and physical books in Indian and international markets.
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